Transfer Assets

For most libraries the city or county is the legal owner of property - the buildings, its contents, perhaps even the land. Although the library board has control over what happens with those assets they are legally owned by the local governing body. Because of this the new library district board will need to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement with the local governing body. The MOU should include the following information:

  • Transfer of the building and land to the new library district board. If necessary this may include payment to the local governing body for those items. So far current library districts have been able to negotiate agreements where they receive the property free and clear.
  • Transfer of the contents of the building - books, equipment, furniture, etc. Again you need to include costs if the local governing body wants payment for these items. However if this seems likely you might mention that the taxpayers have already paid for these items once.¬†
  • Transfer of vehicles or any other equipment, property, furniture that the library uses as well as any costs or pertinent information about each of the items.

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