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Within 10 days of the election county commissioners need to certify the results of the election. This begins the process of becoming a library district. See the "Certificate of Election" from Jefferson County for an example of what this looks like.

Appointment of the district library board will need to occur within 30 days of certification of the election. The county commissioners are responsible for appointing the first library board. Note: If more than one county is in your service area commissioners from all counties will be a part of the appointment process.

If you are an existing library consider formally asking the county commissioners to appoint the current library board. Most likely this board assisted with the districting process and their appointment should help ensure a smoother transition between the existing library and the new district.

If you were a branch library or didn't exist at all you will need to find volunteers to serve on the new library board. If you can convince library district volunteers to be on this first board it might help with the transition since these folks helped campaign for the district. The county commissioners might want to have an application process where interested people apply. It's always good to try and represent as much of the new district area as possible so, if appropriate, suggest having representation from each of the main areas of your district. This might even be something to include in the new board's bylaws.

If multiple different libraries joined forces to create the district you will need to work together to recommend appointments for the first library district board. Most likely some combination of board members from each of the existing libraries should be recommended.

As quickly as possible start developing positive relations with the county clerk and treasurer. You will need their help as you transition to becoming a district - even if you choose to handle everything internally.

Fairly early on in the process you need to talk to the county official in charge of property tax revenue because you need to make sure that you are on the tax rolls, and that the transfer of the district library levy money will happen without any problems. Talk to the county commissioners or clerk and recorder about the process for your county. It might be as simple as writing a letter to the treasurer or clerk and recorder about the number of mills needed.

If you were a county library or the county was responsible in any way for your existence you will have to work with county officials when it comes to the transfer of staff, cash, facilities, equipment, etc. The process for transferring staff, cash, etc. is similar for both the city and county so it will be discussed in a later section of this chapter.

Develop good relations with county officials. In particular the clerk and recorder, treasurer, and if the county has one the chief financial officer can help the new district. These individuals play an important role in the process of transitioning to a new district. They can also help the district by answering questions about budgets, elections, mill levies, and even human resources.

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