Keeping It Legal

The Commissioner of Political Practices office has created a list of online resources that you might find helpful:

Library staff and the director should not campaign for the mill levy while on professional time. They can answer questions, but should not indicate how people should vote. Please see MCA 2-2-121 (3a) for more information about this issue.

Make sure that your task force and committee is an independent entity. This committee will solicit, collect, expend, and track election contributions and expenditures. This committee will need to raise funds for signs, advertisements, and other costs of campaigning for a mill levy. A Friends of the Library group or a dedicated Library Foundation may also be able to perform the functions of this task force.

Advertisements for the election should carry the name of the committee and the name of the treasurer. You don't want this to become an issue during your campaign so take precautions beyond what is legally required. Under no circumstance should you use tax dollars to support election advertising.

See the Lewis & Clark Library's one page sheet about mill levies and the role of the board and employees for a great example of words to live by.