Budgeting Calendar

Sample Budget Planning Calendar Based on a July 1 to June 30 Fiscal Year


Review fourth quarter budget report. Review goals, objectives, and strategies for past fiscal year. Make adjustments in present fiscal year if needed.


Review final annual report for just-ended fiscal year. Approve and submit it to appropriate governing body and State Library.


Begin work on needs assessment for next year. Brainstorm approaches. Delegate follow-up effort (director, committee).


Review first quarter report. Evaluate objectives and strategies in progress. Review previous fiscal year audit.


Review present costs and projections. Review current needs assessment; brainstorm possibilities for responses. Reach agreement on prioritized needs. Assign further research if needed for June reporting. Obtain and review information on projected revenues for coming year.


Review goals and objectives for present year. Establish goals and objectives for the coming year based on staff, community and other input, as well as agreements of previous month. Distribute goals, objectives with request for appropriate strategies and budget requests.


Review second quarterly report. Review strategies and budget requests. Prioritize by objectives established in November. Library board should assign committee (if not already done) to work with director to prepare draft budget for board review. Reconfirm projected revenue information.


Board should review draft budget prepared by director and committee.


Board should consider holding a public hearing on draft preliminary budget. Adopt preliminary budget.


Submit preliminary budget request or certified budget to funding body.


Continue to work with submitted request or budget. Review third quarter budget report. Adopt final budget for next year and submit it to appropriate authority.


Review and finalize any adjustments in closing out the present year.

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