How to Revitalize Your Friends

  • Define problems. Confidentially ask dropouts why they are leaving.
  • Give a party for members and past members only. Make it fun and have refreshments and music. It should have a relaxing atmosphere and any excuse for having one will do.
  • Be sure to include dropouts and ask people to do small things for you. This will help get people to the party. Have them bring food, etc.
  • Send out pre-event and post-event publicity with photos and names. You want to show your appreciation for the Friends and advertise it as a fun and meaningful group.
  • Use the information you gain from dropouts and current members to re-think your goals and objectives. Perhaps the Friends needs to go in a different direction.
  • Reorganize the board to reduce the stress of having too much to do.
  • Review the benefits of the membership. Does the Friends reflect the community?
  • Review communications to members. Are they being informed of what is going on? Open lines of communication are important for any group. Consider enrolling new members as a year-round effort. This adds new blood to the group and helps keep the Friends fresh.
  • Appreciate and recognize people.

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