Questions That Should Be Answered

  • What should your library do? Is there something that your library should be doing, but isn't? This is a good time to talk about library values. What are your values? Is it important that people have access to information? Should your library be a holding place for the history of your community? Should everything in the library be free? You must look at your community and determine those values that are important to you. Libraries have a special place in the community and common values are what bring us together to succeed at what we are doing.
  • What should your library not be doing? Are there services that you are offering that you shouldn't be offering? Again look at your values as a library and look at your community.
  • How is your library going to allocate resources? Resources are scarce in any library, so use what you have wisely.

Planning isn't easy, but it is important. If libraries are going to survive and thrive, then library staff, communities, and governmental officials must do some strategic planning. If you would like more information about planning, contact the State Library.

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