Programs can be inside or outside of the library. They can be tied to library activities; such as the summer reading program or they can be something entirely different. Some libraries use programming as a way of reaching people who would not normally use the library. Do you have a strong ranching population in your area? Try hosting a program presented by the Department of Agriculture on a topic of interest to ranchers. Programs vary widely, so let your creativity flow. Successful programming doesn't have to be rocket science or expensive. Know your community and identify possible areas of interest. Do you have a lot of senior citizens? Information about social security and/or health issues would be valuable to them. Do you have lots of children? Try offering craft programs and games where they can have fun and learn something too. Understanding your community and its interests is the first step to succeeding in programming. Be aware of potential speakers/presenters within your community. Do you have a talented quilter in your town? Perhaps this individual would be willing to do a workshop. Use programming as a way to promote libraries and meet the needs of your community.

Book clubs are becoming popular once again. Your fellow librarians can help you start a book club. You can also find information on the Internet and/or take advantage of the programs offered through Humanities Montana. Libraries around Montana have developed book club kits that have multiple copies of a book, a series of questions, and other helpful tools. To see what kits are available please visit the Montana Book Club Central Wiki at:

Humanities Montana

Montana Book Club Central Wiki

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