Montana Digital Library

The Montana Digital Library (MSdL) combines the Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) and the Library and Information Services Department (LIS). The purpose of the section is to provide policy-makers and citizens with information about Montana's resources and government. With the advent of new technologies, much of this information is electronic in nature. MSdL's mission is to collect, arrange, and distribute this information so that it is easily found and easily used.

Natural Resource Information System

As a part of the MSdL, NRIS identifies, acquires and provides access to information on Montana's natural resources for government agencies, business and industry, and private citizens. NRIS operates a clearinghouse and referral service to link users with the best sources of information and service. NRIS also provides services through the Natural Heritage Program (NHP).

Natural Heritage Program

NHP scientists collect, manage and disseminate biodiversity information: plants, animals and natural communities, emphasizing those that are rare, declining or have outstanding quality.

Library & Information Services Division

LIS is the principal library for serving the work-related information needs of state employees and provides backup reference services for Montana libraries as well as public access to state publications for Montana citizens. The library includes the State Publications Center, materials on library development, and selected federal and state documents. These collections are available to all citizens through either digitial access or interlibrary loan.

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