Explanation of Paperwork Required by Montana State Library

We've talked about the collection management policy but we haven't discussed the Public Library Annual Statistics and ASPeN, the Library Directory.

ASPeN - the new Library Directory

Library Directory

ASPeN is a compilation of contact information for public, school, special, and academic libraries in Montana. Each year the State Library asks you to update your information, so we have the most current listing. In addition to listing addresses, phone numbers, etc., the directory also lists the hours you are open. It contains additional information about your library; such as the symbol OCLC has assigned you and whether or not you have a Friends group. Other libraries and State Library staff can get in touch with you if your information is accurate.

Montana Public Library Annual Statistics

Montana Public Library Statistics

You are required to file your statistics each year. The federal government wants public library statistics for each state. The Institute of Museum and Library Services uses this information to determine funding of the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA). Because of this, the State Library must ask you to file statistics for your library. There are several parts to the form. Briefly we need information about library income, library usage, and library expenditures. Each of these is broken down into several components. The State Library makes these statistics available each year, so you can compare yourself to libraries of your size. You may be able to use this information to negotiate more money for books or staff.

Montana Public Library Standards

Montana Public Library Standards

Under the Administrative Rules of the State of Montana, public libraries must meet a series of essential standards in order to receive state funding.

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ASPeN: The New Library Directory

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