Exploring Library Districts Checklist

  • Review library district law
  • Talk to Montana State Library staff about districts
  • Talk to other library district directors and/or board members
  • Arrange and/or attend training about districts
  • If applicable form a committee to work on the district project. Be sure to include:
    • the director and a board member of the current library (if applicable)
    • someone with public relations skills
    • someone who is good at navigating legal questions
    • someone who is good at navigating financial questions
  • Decide on district boundaries. Remember taxable property value must be at least $5 millon, and it's best to use existing district boundaries -such as a school district boundary.
  • Decide on a name for the district
  • Identify potential new services the library district could offer
  • Develop a preliminary budget for district
  • Determine how many mills you will need to levy and what that means for property owners
  • Talk to county officials - clerk and county commissioners
  • Talk to library supporters and other local groups about this idea. Are they supportive?
  • Decide whether or not to move forward with the district idea

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