Research The Districting Option

Read the library district section in the Montana Code Annotated. Law isn't the easiest thing to read but it's important to start here. These laws will give you an idea of what a district is, what it takes to become a district, and what the library board can do once the library is officially a public library district.

Talk to Montana State Library staff about districts. Our contact information is below. State Library staff can talk to you about districts and connect you with current district library directors and trustees.

Tracy Cook, Director of Library Development, (406) 431-0685 or

Suzanne Reymer, Statewide Consulting Librarian (406) 698-0503 or

Pam Henley, Statewide Consulting Librarian (406) 461-9049 or

Attend or arrange training about districts. State Library staff can visit your library and provide training for board members, directors, local government officials, and any interested volunteers. You can also ask library district directors and board members to come and talk to the board. Many directors and trustees are happy to share what they have learned about districts. You might also check to see if there is public library district training at the annual Montana Library Association conference or at other online/in person venues.

Read this handbook. We almost didn't include this one. After all you are reading this handbook right now, but it can be a great resource for you. It's available 24/7 and hopefully will inspire plenty of food for thought.

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