Pursuing the District: Legal Options For Forming A District

The next section of this handbook will be dedicated to what legally has to happen to create a district. Once you have made the decision to go forward with the district vote you need to prepare some materials that will help you with forming a district. These materials can also be used for public relations. Let's start with a discussion about the legal routes for creating a district. It will help you better understand the various materials you need to create and why.

After talking to local government officials you should know which option you are going to have to use to become a public library district. The first option is a resolution passed by the county commissioners that puts the library district issue on the ballot. The second option is the petition route. In this option you will have to get signatures from registered voters before the county commissioners pass a resolution. Both options require an election to officially create the library district. Let's explore each option. This information is based on MCA 22-1-702. Be advised that the steps outlined herein are of a summary nature only. Users of this handbook are encouraged to refer to MCA to determine the required legal steps necessary to form a district.

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