If your election passes and a new district is created, there are lots of things that must be accomplished:

Celebrate your accomplishment! Say thank you to all who supported the effort.

Monitor the county commissioners' (and in some cases the city council's) actions that are required to create or expand the district.

Carry out your new service plan.

Publicize the changes that are occurring.


Take some time to savor success. Throw a party because you have worked hard at providing excellent library service for your community.

Thank those who helped, including the county commissioners.

Monitor the County Commissioners and the City Council

Local officials have certain activities that they are required by law to carry out if the election is successful.

After the results have been canvassed, the county commissioners must certify that the district is formed within 10 days.

Within 30 days after the certification, the county commissioners of each county within the district must jointly appoint the initial members of the district's library board. Refer to MCA 22-1-704.

Carry Out Your Long Range Plan

Begin working on the activities you planned. Make any needed changes in personnel structure, policies, and initiating new services. The more planning you did as you prepared for the new district the easier this will be.

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