Funding For The First Year

The district will not receive money from a levy until well into the first year, so you need to plan for how you will pay for the first year.

Continued City/County Support

Cities/Counties are sometimes willing to continue funding the library until tax dollars are collected for district library services. Discuss this possibility with the local government. If the city or county accepts the idea, develop a memorandum of agreement. [Refer to Sample Memorandum of Agreement with City] Property owners during the transition year will continue to pay the current levy which the library should receive. The old levy will be replaced by the district levy.

In some cases the city/county may be unwilling to carry the library during the first months/year. In this case the new district may have to ask for a loan from their local government. The new district board and director should be prepared for this possibility and will need to negotiate with the city to determine interest rates, loan amount, and payment schedule.

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