Assessment Phase Overview

Districting is a complex process. In this book we will discuss the different phases in the districting process. The first one is the assessment phase. This is when you informally assess your local needs for public library service and then use that information to determine if creating a new library district will meet those needs.

You also need to consider if districting is right for you and your community. Creating a new library district is time consuming and difficult. Ask yourselves if you are willing to put in the time and effort involved in the process. Remember that at any time during this districting process, you can call on the State Library for help.

At the end of this assessment phase, ask yourselves the following question: Is creating a library district something we want to pursue? If your local situation makes a successful districting effort unlikely, or if you are not ready to put in the effort needed to create a library district, look at other alternatives for improving library services. If districting is a possibility and you are willing to do the work, then you are ready for the formal planning phase.