Task D Seven: Conducting the Election

The county must carry out and pay for the election procedures. According to MCA 22-1-702, the election must be conducted in accordance with Title 13 of the Montana Code Annotated. Only qualified electors residing within the proposed public library district may vote. According to MCA 22-1-703, the ballot must contain the following wording:

_____ FOR the creation of a public library district that may levy not more than ____ mills of property tax for the operation of the district.

_____ AGAINST the creation of a public library district.Stay in touch with the county clerk through the election process and monitor the various election processes that need to be completed. [SeeDecision Phase Form D: Sample Ballot for Election for sample ballot language.]

Getting Out the Vote

Make up lists of supporters including names and phone numbers. Recruit volunteers to call these supporters immediately before the election or on Election Day itself to remind them to vote. Offer rides to those who cannot easily get to the polls. Obviously you should make these preparations in advance of the election itself.

Results Certification, Canvassing, and the Creation Order

If the majority of voters favor the district formation, the county commissioners must certify that the district is formed within 10 days. The county commissioners then have 30 days after the certification to appoint initial members of the district's board of trustees. Refer to MCA 22-1-704 for more information.

After District Formation. After the district is formed, cities with an agreement from the district trustees pass resolutions to have their existing libraries consolidated into the district.