Task D Two: Setting the Election Date

According to MCA 22-1-702, the election can be held in conjunction with a regular or primary election or it can be conducted by mail ballot. General elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Primary elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June and September.

There are financial advantages to holding an election when other elections are taking place. MCA 13-1-302 gives counties the responsibility for carrying out and paying for the election to establish a library district. Holding an election can be expensive, so county officials may be more favorable to districting if the election is held in conjunction with other elections.

Other circumstances may affect the election date choice. Think carefully about the election date and do some research on the history of local elections. Ask yourself the following questions:

Have there been election dates where bond issues or districting

elections have been particularly successful or unsuccessful?

Are there dates when people are more or less likely to vote?

Are there other bond issues or controversial items planned for any particular date?

Choosing the election date is a critical decision, as it will drive your calendar, can affect the costs of districting, and will influence other decisions during this phase of the districting project.