Task D Four: Plan Public Relations

You completed most of this in the Planning Phase, but the election may require a special plan. Base it on the one you created for non-election public relations, but emphasize the importance of people voting on Election Day.

In accord with Montana election laws, form a Political Committee that is a totally independent entity. This committee will solicit, collect, expend, and track election contributions and expenditures. Advertisements for the election should carry the name of the committee and the name of the treasurer. You don't want this to become an issue during your campaign, so take precautions beyond what is legally required.Under no circumstance should you use tax dollars to support election advertising.

Preparing to Get Out the Vote

You must prepare to get the vote on Election Day. Make up lists of supporters including names and phone numbers. Recruit volunteers to call these supporters immediately before the election or on Election Day itself to remind them to vote. Offer rides to those who cannot easily get to the polls. Obviously you should make these preparations in advance of the election itself.

Getting people to vote is important. Elections have been lost because of poor turnout in precincts. Even though people supported the effort, they forgot to vote. Creating a good list of supporters and reminding them to vote on Election Day is extremely important.