Task O One: Analyze the Election Campaign and Results

Analyzing the election campaign and results is an important task. Analyzing a campaign will help you decide upon what action you should take after a failed election. Don't assess blame. Instead use the knowledge that you have now to do things differently next time around. Look at the precinct-by-precinct report of the election results. Are there areas where the vote was strong? Areas where it was weak? Were there any surprises? Were there areas where you expected strong support, but didn't see that materialize? Was there strong opposition in some parts of the proposed district? Try to understand the reasons behind the answers you receive.

As a group talk about the election. Here are some general questions you can ask yourself:

Were there turning points in the election process - events that had a negative effect on the outcome? Could those events have been avoided and how?

If the election was very close, what effect might another election have? Can you change the situation enough to make a difference in the outcome? Would another election soon after this election cause a backlash among voters?