Planning Phase Tasks

This is a time of preparation. You will decide what your library district will look like, and you will gather information that will allow the district to be created. Some of this information will be used after the district has been created, but knowing what needs to be done and having plans in advance will make the hectic first few months easier for everyone involved. The group's efforts in the planning phase will culminate in the official actions of the new district's library board during the first few weeks of operation.

A number of tasks need to be accomplished during the planning phase. You do not have to do these in this order, but you do need to work through the following tasks:

P1. "Plan to plan." Decide how to do the planning necessary to create and operate a district.
P2. Plan how to carry out public relations to build support for the districting effort.
P3. Coordinate your efforts with local government officials who will have responsibilities in creating the new district.
P4. Plan the library services offered by the new district.
P5. Begin planning for the administrative structure (board structure and by-laws, etc.) of the new district.
P6. Recommend personnel policies for the new district.
P7. Plan the library facilities for the new district.
P8. Make an accurate estimate of first year and long-range costs for the new district and how the district will handle the cost of its first year operations.
P9. Make final decisions about the geographic area that will be included in the new district.