Reporting Tips

HTML Online Reports

The  button will show/hide additional options.

A radio button group will allow the user to select one of the items.

A check box  will allow the user to select more than one item.

The  button will generate the report.

The  button will clear all items within the current step. (i.e. it will clear all of the individual libraries, but not the data fields selected.

Reports will default to include "All Libraries" if no other options are selected.


If Excel is not available on the local computer, please contact the State Library for assistance.

When the spreadsheet opens, it will default to a Menu page. Navigate to the reports by selecting one of the menu items or the tabs at the bottom of the page.

In the screenshot below the pink area (may be green, blue, peach, etc.) will not print, the yellow is a selectable item and will not print, and the white area will print.

Tables may be sorted or filtered by clicking in one of the header row cells of the printable area. A dropdown list will become available with a variety of options.

These spreadsheets are provided for library use and may be customized. If the user chooses to save a copy of the spreadsheet, it will be saved to the local computer. It is not possible for users to make changes to the online master file.

Charts may be pasted into Word documents, etc. Consult the software's instructions for importing charts.

Reports and Charts

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