All of your efforts to market the library stem from the information in the long-range plan. In developing the plan, the Board has analyzed how the library can best support the needs of the community. In addition to the scheduled evaluations of the long-range plan, the Board can also informally monitor the library's "customer service." Board members might wish to take some/all of these questions and walk through the library in attempt to experience the library as a customer rather than as a board member.

There are several elements of this to think about.

How are customers greeted at the circulation desk?

Are conversations about overdue fines handled discreetly?

Do customers typically have to wait in line at the reference desk?

Are policies and information materials about library services and regulations readily available to the public?

How are users informed of policies and plans?

Is the library in a convenient, accessible location?

Is there adequate, clean and safe parking?

Is there adequate outside signage?

Is the entrance inviting?

Is inside directional signage adequate?

Are materials clearly labeled?

Are displays neat and attractive?

Is there a community bulletin board?

Are the restrooms clean?

Is there a library newsletter to keep the public informed?

How are new staff, trustees and volunteers trained in customer service?