Montana Certification Program for Library Directors, Staff and Trustees

The Montana State Library Commission requires that all public library directors have professional certification as defined by the Montana Certification Program for Library Directors, Staff, and Trustees. To learn more about the program visit our website to review the manual or contact the State Library. Boards are asked to work with their library director to plan for CE activities that will best serve the community and the library. When the director applies for certification the board chair will verify the director's participation in continuing education.

Local Boards may require certification of other staff as well as individual trustees. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the program as continuing education is essential for ongoing development and enhancement of library services. Boards may also want to consider recognizing staff who certify. Staff that are certified have worked hard to achieve certification and have shown a dedication to the library, the community, and their own development. Board recognition of this accomplishment will help improve morale and give staff the proverbial "pat on the back" for a job well done.

The goals of the certification program are:

Encourage library directors, staff, and trustees to acquire and improve their skills through continuing education

Recognize those who continue to update their skills and knowledge to provide better library service

Assist public library directors in meeting the library certification standard adopted by the State Library Commission

Provide guidelines for Boards to use to select and retain personnel

When a new director is hired he or she should review the Montana Certification Program for Library Directors, Staff, and Trustees and contact MSL staff to find out how to become certified.

Certification needs to be renewed every 4 years.