Sample Evaluation Forms

I. Sample 1


Evaulation Period:


Expectations and Goals:


Overall Performance:


Performance Rating:

Above satisfactory


Below satisfactory






II. Sample 2

Criteria for Director's Evaluation

Budgeting and Financial Management

Manages the library's resources appropriately

Involves Board members appropriately in managing library resources

Prepares budgets and oversees preparation of financial statements so Board members can understand them


Attends all Board meetings and participates appropriately

Writes well-written reports and proposals, containing enough information to help Board members make informed decisions without being wordy or lacking in essential details

Represents the library at important state, regional and national meetings and reports on significant happenings

Communicates appropriately with elected officials, Friends of the Library, patrons and others

Is responsible for public relations, effectively communicating library services to the public

Physical Plant

Supervises the general maintenance of buildings and grounds

Informs Board of the status of building and grounds

Policies and Guidelines

Recommends policy changes as needed, with suggested wording

Implements Board policy and guidelines appropriately

Staff Recruiting and Supervision

Keeps the Board informed about staff changes

Administers salaries, involving the Board appropriately

Delegates responsibility and authority to staff members in a way that empowers them to do their jobs well and accomplish the mission of the library

Staff Training

Prepares and presents training opportunities for staff members and trustees

Attends appropriate continuing education opportunities

Library Director Performance Appraisal

Goal Setting

The following are goals agreed upon by the director and the trustees for the director to accomplish during the next twelve months:


Noteworthy accomplishments of the director during the past year have been:

Situations that might have been handled differently were:

Additional comments:

From Richards Free Library, Newport Regional Library, Newport, New Hampshire, 2005

III. Sample3

Job Title: Library Director



Reason for Evaluation: End of probation (Annual/Final/Other)

Administrative Services Duties

Act as the Board's executive officer.

Serve as the technical adviser to the Board.

Implement the policies of the library as established by the Board.

Prepare the draft of the annual library budget for Board discussion and approval.

Participate in the presentation of the adopted budget to local officials.

Receive and expend library funds according to established guidelines and maintain accurate and up-to-date records showing the status of library finances.

Recruit, select, hire, supervise, evaluate and terminate if necessary library staff in conformity with library policy and state and federal law (and any applicable local civil service regulations and/or union contracts).

Prepare Board meeting agendas and necessary reports in cooperation with the Board president, and notify Board members of scheduled meetings.

Prepare state annual report for review and approval by the Board.

Inform and advise the Board as to local, regional, state and national developments in the library field and work to maintain communication with other area libraries and the library system.

Rating: Excellent (6 5 4 3 2 1) Poor

Narrative evaluation and assessment of effort in achievement of annual objectives:

Collection Management Duties

Select or direct the selection of materials for all media and all age groups, based on the library's approved collection development policy.

Catalog and classify library materials according to accepted standards and maintain the public catalog.

Process materials to provide appeal, protection and control.

Develop and maintain a regular weeding schedule.

Periodically review the collection development policy and make recommendations to the Board for revisions.

Oversee the shelving and organization of materials.

Prepare and distribute overdue notices to users with overdue or lost materials.

Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of user registrations and activities, including information adequate to support reimbursement requests for nonresident borrowing.

Rating: Excellent (6 5 4 3 2 1) Poor

Narrative evaluation and assessment of effort in achievement of annual objectives.

Service and Service Promotion Duties

Develop and execute an array of service programs to address the various needs of users and to make the library more accessible to all. These might include: preparation and dissemination of bibliographies of popular topics and genre collections; tours of the library for school, daycare and home-school groups; inclusion of interesting displays of an educational or cultural nature; presentations to local organizations or groups on the benefits offered by the library; provision of storytime sessions for small children, and teen and adult book discussion sessions; support of a summer reading program; acquisition of special materials and provision of accommodations to encourage use of the library by individuals with special needs; development of a home-bound service for residents unable to visit the library.

Provide friendly and efficient direct assistance to users checking out materials, requesting directional or community information or seeking materials or information on specific topics.

Prepare news releases and submissions to the media to announce new or special services and events that spotlight the library.

Assist and guide local volunteer groups (e.g., Friends of the Library) who wish to help with library promotion, fundraising and enhancement of services.

Prepare grant applications, when grant opportunities are offered, to supplement local funding of library operations and development.

Maintain records showing all programs offered and number of attendees at each.

Continually investigate the value, costs and logistics of adding library services, new media and new technologies to keep the library current and proactive in its service provision to the public.

Conduct on-going evaluations of existing library programs, services, policies and procedures, and submit recommendations for improvements to the Board.

Rating: Excellent (6 5 4 3 2 1) Poor

Narrative evaluation and assessment of effort in achievement of annual objectives.

Facilities Management Duties

Oversee care and maintenance of the library building and grounds.

Oversee the work of custodial staff.

Regularly review building needs and advise the Board in its planning for future expansion or development.

Assess the adequacy of existing facilities in regard to the provision of automated services.

Rating: Excellent (6 5 4 3 2 1) Poor

Narrative evaluation and assessment of effort in achievement of annual objectives:

Director's objectives for the coming year (agreed to by Board and director):


Board President's Signature


Library Director's Signature


From Trustee Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Trustees prepared by the DLTCL with the assistance of the Trustee Handbook Revision Task Force. Copyright 2002 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

IV. Sample 4

Form Instructions

Each Board member should individually respond to this form.

To help in completing the form, Board members can refer to past Board minutes, usage statistics, program results and other information sources from the year.

Return the completed form to the Board President for inclusion in the Summation Form that will be used during the face-to-face meeting with the director.

Scale: E = excellent S = satisfactory N = needs improvement U = unknown

Area of Organizational Health

Customer Service & Community Relations

Level of patron satisfaction

Customer service received by patrons

Consistent application of policies that affect the public

Services are communicated to the public effectively

Working relationships and cooperative arrangements with government officials, community groups and organizations

Awareness of community needs

Mechanisms are in place to hear from patrons and the community at large

Library is being marketed to the community


CS&CR TOTALS: E___ S___ N___U___

Organizational Growth

The library is making progress on its long-range plan (LRP)

Services to meet the goals and objectives of the LRP are carried out with staff and trustee involvement

Goals and objectives are evaluated regularly

Creativity and initiative are demonstrated in creating new services and programs

Collection is responsive to changes in the community

The library is responsive to changes in the community

Staff are aware of library's long-range plan, policies and activities

There is a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field.

Building and grounds are kept up and needed repairs and maintenance are done on a timely basis


OG TOTALS: E___ S___ N___U___

Administration and Human Resource Management

Work is effectively assigned, appropriate levels of freedom and authority are delegated.

Job descriptions are developed; regular performance evaluations are held and documented.

Personnel policies and state and federal regulations on workplaces and employment are effectively implemented.

Policies and procedures are in place to maximize volunteer efforts.

Staff development and education are encouraged.

Staff understand how their role at the library relates to the mission.

Library climate attracts, keeps and motivates a diverse staff of top-quality people


A&HRM TOTALS: E___ S___ N___U___

Financial Management/Legal Compliance/Fund-raising

Adequate control and accounting of all funds takes place; library uses sound financial practices.

Budget is prepared with input from staff and trustees; the library operates within budget guidelines.

Official records and documents are maintained; library is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations and reporting requirements (such as annual report, payroll withholding and reporting, etc.)

Positive relationships with government, foundation and corporate funders are in place

Funds are disbursed in accordance with budget, contract/grant requirements and donor designations


FM/LC/F TOTALS: E___ S___ N___U___

Board of Trustee Relationship

Appropriate, adequate and timely information is provided to the Board.

Support is provided to the Board.

The Board is informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.

The Board works effectively.


BTR TOTALS: E___ S___ N___U___

Mid-Hudson Library System, Poughkeepsie, New York, 2006.