Evaluating the Board

It is a good idea for the Board to periodically take a few minutes and do a self-assessment. One way you can do this is to use the following questions. First, answer them individually. Then the Board as a whole can discuss what if any changes are needed.

Our Board prepares to do its job by

Yes No : Conducting a thorough orientation for all new members.

Yes No : Integrating new members into the team as quickly as possible.

Yes No : Attending Board development workshops.

Yes No : Providing monthly development activities for members.

Yes No : Performing an in-depth annual self-evaluation of board operations.

Yes No : Providing all members with copies of the mission statement, bylaws, long-range plan and other important documents.

Yes No : Touring all facilities at least once a year.

Our Board ensures good meetings by

Yes No : Providing a comfortable meeting room conducive to business.

Yes No : Convening and adjourning on time.

Yes No : Sticking to the prepared agenda.

Yes No : Working for consensus rather than fighting for a majority.

Yes No : Following a businesslike system of parliamentary rules.

Yes No : Including the library director as a resource for all deliberation.

Yes No : Confining all discussion to Board issues.

Yes No : Allowing/encouraging all members to participate in discussion.

Adapted from The Board Team Handbook: A Complete Guide to Boardsmanship Basics for the Board Team of the 90's, published by the Cain Consulting Group, 1992.