Getting Started


As a library Board member, you have two primary responsibilities: to govern the library, and to help keep the Board functioning at optimum level. Both are equally important.

To govern the library, you must plan and monitor finances and services, as well as guide and evaluate the library's progress. Accomplishing these tasks requires knowledgeable Board members who understand and value the concept of teamwork.

As you gain experience on the Board, you will continue to learn facts, statistics, history, procedures and more. But first things first:

Get to know the other people who serve on the Board with you-not just their names, but who they are. What are their interests and concerns? What motivates them to serve on the library Board? Team building begins by knowing your teammates.

Get to know the director, the other part of the Board team. There must be a very high level of trust between the Board who governs the library and the person who manages the library.

Recognize that this job deserves your very best effort. Although you are a volunteer, the governance of the library demands the best job you can do. It will require your time and your effort.

Find out where to go for answers to your questions. Your best defense against being totally lost in the early stage of your term as a Board member is to learn where to find quick answers to tough questions. The director and other Board members are the best sources for learning about the library. This handbook will serve as a guide to the basics of good Board membership, and it will answer many of your questions.