What Did You Learn

You will continue to learn about the library for as long as you remain on the Board. But you need to know some things from the beginning. Did you learn the answers to the following questions in your trustee orientation?

About the Board?

Who has appointed the Board members and for what terms of office?

Who are the current officers of the Board?

How are the Board officers elected?

Who is the official spokesperson for the Board?

About the library?

What is the library's mission statement?

What are the long-range goals of the library?

When was the library organized and what is the service area?

How many people does the library serve?

What local/state/national legislative issues could affect the library?

What is the relationship between the library and the local government?

Has the library or the Board ever been involved in litigation?

What major problems does the library currently face?

Does the library meet the Public Library Standards?

About library personnel?

How long has the present director held his/her position?

What training does the director have for managing the library?

What is the process used to evaluate the director?

How many staff does the library have and what do they do?

About library finances?

What is the library's annual budget?

Where does the money come from to finance the library?

What are the total assets of the library?

Does the library have any debt service?

Does the city/county own or rent the library facility?

What equipment does the library own or rent?

Are Board members reimbursed for expenses and, if so, how?