Montana Hot Spot Lending Program

Directions for Hot Spot and Mobile Device Set-Up, Issues, and Troubleshooting

This page has information on how to properly set-up hot spots and iPads, as well as some basic troubleshooting guidance.

How to Set-Up and Use the Hot Spots (T-Mobile and Verizon)

Hot Spot Quick Guides for Library Patrons (T-Mobile and Verizon)

Instructions for HP ProBook Set-Up and Use

We encourage libraries to work with their IT staff and follow their standard IT procedures to set up and configure their HP ProBooks. For an overview of the devices, user accounts, and software, please consult the following HP ProBook Guidelines:

Each HP ProBook has been delivered with Microsoft Office 2019 installed, with two years of maintenance. Each device also has Deep Freeze software installed and configured. The HP ProBook Guidelines linked above contain brief instructions for using Deep Freeze. For more detailed instructions, please consult the Deep Freeze User Guide linked below:

If your library would like additional support or has any questions about the HP ProBooks, please contact the Hot Spot support staff at or at 406-444-4128.

Hot Spot Accessories that may be Useful

Spare charging cords for your hot spot devices can be purchased from Amazon as well as

  • Verizon devices will work with a USB Type C charger.
  • The two different types of T-Mobile devices require different charging cables:
    • The Franklin T9 hot spots will work with a Micro USB charging cable (similar to the type used with an Android cell phone).
    • The Alcatel Linkzone hot spots work with a USB C cable.

You may want to consider purchasing cases for your hot spots to prevent wear and tear. Verizon hot spots are pretty durable and don’t necessarily require a case. If you would like cases for T-Mobile devices, T-Mobile recommends these cases available on Amazon.

How to Report Hot Spot Issues

T-Mobile Hot Spots:

For general assistance and troubleshooting, the T-Mobile libraries can contact T-Mobile Government Support at 1.844.361.1310. Anyone can call this number--libraries or patrons. If you have more serious issues that can't be resolved, please contact the Hot Spot support staff at

Verizon Hot Spots:

For any issues, please contact Hot Spot support staff at Please include a description of the issue that you are having. 

Instructions for iPad Set-Up and Use

Extensive instructions for setting up and operating your iPads are available in the iPad User Guide. The State Library has prepared an abbreviated guide to setting up your iPads that contains links to video tutorials:

The following iPad Quick Start Guide available on also provides some useful guidance on setting up and using your iPad:

For additional help with your iPads, we encourage you to contact Apple Support by calling 866-752-7753 and selecting option 3 twice. You may also contact the Hot Spot support staff at

How Do I Perform a Factory Reset?

A common solution to many connectivity and hotspot operational issues is to perform a Factory Reset. This will reset all of the device’s settings to the default values, including admin passwords, Wi-Fi name (SSID), and system settings. There are different methods to perform a factory reset depending on the hotspot model you are using.

  • T-Mobile Franklin T-9
    Remove the back cover. Make sure the battery is installed and your T9 is on. Press down the reset button for 3 seconds and release. Then, your T9 will perform the reset and restart automatically. (For further information, please click here.)
  • T-Mobile Alcatel Linkzone 2
    Press Reset key for 3 seconds to reset device. All LED indicators will flash blue 2 times to indicate that the device has been reset to factory mode. (For further information, please click here.)
  • Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L
    The master reset button is in a small hole located on the bottom of the Jetpack, underneath the battery cover. Place one end of an unfolded paper clip into the master reset button hole. Press the reset button with the unfolded paper clip until the display shows "MiFi Powering Off" (about five to six seconds), then your Jetpack will restart. (For further information, please click here.)