Montana Shared Catalog - Workflows

The Montana Shared Catalog uses the SirsiDynix Symphony ILS (integrated library system).

WorkFlows is the staff client that connects to the Symphony software on the server for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, and other staff duties. It can be installed on Windows or Macintosh machines and should be installed on staff computers only.

Workflows must continuously be in contact with the MSC servers in Helena. Disruption will cause the client to log off. There is an Offline mode if the connection is unavailable. It saves all transactions locally until the connection is reestablished and they can be uploaded to the server. There are 2 servers in Helena. One is production (the live environment that is used every day for actual work) the second is development (the test server that is reset periodically, used for testing and experimentation). Use the test server to try different things or test things that you’re not sure about. You won’t be affecting your actual data so don’t worry about “breaking” anything.

To Install WorkFlows - Open a HelpDesk Ticket

WorkFlows Configuration Handouts - 

WorkFlows Introduction

Log in to Test Server

Change the Font

Function Key Mapping

Set up Receipts

Toolbar Customization

WorkFlows Configuration Videos - 

Set Basic Properties

Manage Desktop Setup and Local Toolbars

Assign Function Keys

Set up a Receipt Printer

Configure your Receipts 

Set a Font

Turn on Charge History

WorkFlows Archived Webinars