Library Law

MSL staff is willing to help with law questions, but our help doesn't carry the same weight as an attorney's. If you need an official interpretation of the law, please contact your city and/or county attorney. However we are happy to help direct you to the correct law or any supporting materials that you may need.

Laws and Rules
The Montana Constitution, Montana Laws, and Administrative Rules of Montana as they pertain to public libraries.

Library Districts
Information on forming a library district, and laws surrounding library districts.

Attorney General Opinions
Review opinions of the attorney general, useful for understanding the law and its ramifications for an organization.

Supreme Court Cases
Review Montana Supreme Court case(s) dealing with public libraries.

Montana Code Annotated 
Search for Montana laws.

Frequently Asked Legal Questions
Links to documents that MSL created in order to address common legal questions that we receive.

Agreements and Attorney General Opinion 54, Number 7
This FAQ addresses agreements between local government officials and public library boards.  It also gives library directors and board members ideas for how to discuss Attorney General Opinion 54, Number 7 and its impact on the library.