Library Law - Laws and Rules


Article VIII – Revenue And Finance
    Section 5. Property tax exemptions.

Article X – Education And Public Lands
     Section 1. Educational goals and duties.

Article XIII – General Provisions
    Section 4. Code of ethics.


Relevant Statute  
Publication and Updating of the Code—1-11-301, MCA  Outlines procedures for publication and distribution of the MCA 
Code of Ethics  -- 2-2-101, MCA  Rules of conduct and ethical requirements 
Public Participation -- 2-3-101, MCA  Notice and Opportunity to be heard 
Open Meetings-- 2-3-101, MCA  Procedures for conducting open meetings 
Public Records - 2-6-1001, MCA  Management of Public Records 
Interlocal Agreements - 7-11-1, MCA Authorizes interlocal agreements
Tax Administration - 15-1, MCA General provisions on taxation
Tax-Exempt Property, 15-6-2, MCA Governmental, Charitable and Educational Categories
Property Tax levies, 15-10, MCA Information on mill levies
Coal Severance Taxes, 15-35-1, MCA General provisions on coal severance taxes
Public Libraries, 22-1-3, MCA Authorizes creation of public libraries
Labor 39-2, MCA Employment guidelines
Offenses against public order, 45-8, MCA Definitions for disruptive and offensive behavior
Montana Telecommunications Act, 69-3-8, MCA Encourages competition in the telecommunications industry

Administrative Rules

Relevant Administrative Rules  
State Library Commission - ARM 10.101  Organizational and Procedural Rules for the State Library Commission
Public Library Standards – ARM 10.102.11  Administrative Rules for Public Library Standards 
Public Library Grants – ARM 10.102.3604  Administrative Rules for arbitration of disputes within federations  
Federations – ARM 10.102.51  Administrative Rules establishing federations 
Resource Sharing and State Aid – ARM 10.102.40  Administrative Rules governing state aid and resource-sharing