Administrative Checklist


  • Reminder sent out to public library directors to complete their individual library annual report for the library federation 


  • Individual libraries are encouraged to complete their annual reports.  Coordinators and MSL staff may send out reminders and assist libraries as needed.


  • Annual report for the entire federation is due at the end of the month


  • Coordinators meet in Helena and make presentations to commission
  • Commission votes on whether or not to accept the annual reports
  • MSL staff create a spreadsheet that lists the exact dollar amounts each federation library should receive.  This is based on the plan of service approved by the Commission.


  • MSL staff process checks and send them to the federation libraries


  • MSL staff ask coordinators to send an estimate of travel expenses 
  • MSL staff figure out how much money is available to federations. NOTE: legislative session will impact this. During odd numbered years MSL staff may only be able to give an estimate until after the legislative session ends. 
  • MSL staff send the dollar amounts, so coordinators can complete their plan of service

March – May

  • Federations meet to vote on the plan of service
  • Coordinators finalize the plans of service and send to MSL staff


  • Coordinators attend the Commission meeting online to present the plans of service
  • Commission votes on plans of service