Policies and Bylaws

Policies and Bylaws


These standards cover library policy, library board bylaws, and public access to library policies and procedures.

Essential Standards

I.  Standard A
"Every three years, the board reviews and updates its bylaws as necessary."

Reviewing library board bylaws ensures that the bylaws reflect any changes that might have occurred over time. Refer to  Suggestions for Bylaws for Montana Library Boards  (pdf) for guidance on developing bylaws.

II. Standard B
"The board develops, studies, evaluates, reviews, updates and adopts as necessary all library policies at least once every three years. When the board reviews library policies, the policies' effect on the library's relations with the public are evaluated."

Policies set the direction for the library, as well as making sure that customers receive fair and equitable service. A well developed policy gives library staff some guidance on how to act when presented with a problem. Policies attempt to balance patron needs with library resources. The following links may help you review and develop library policies.

Please contact MSL staff, other Montana public library staff, or search for library policies on the internet in order to see sample policies.

III. Standard C
"The public has easy access to written policies, procedures, and bylaws."

This standard can be met by publishing library policies, procedures, and bylaws on a website or giving the information to interested patrons. One easy way to do this is to create a policy and/or procedure manual. When all library policies and procedures are in the same place it is easy to give a patron a copy of a particular policy or procedure.

Source: 10.102.1150B Public Library Standards: Policies and Bylaws

Guide to Essential Public Library Standards