Statewide Consulting Librarians

Statewide Consulting Librarians are assigned to individual public libraries within specified consulting territories. These territories are based on the six Library Federations. Click on the Federation links below to see each consultant’s assigned libraries.

South Central and Sagebrush Federations: Pam Henley

Tamarack and Pathfinder Federations: Tracy Cook

Broad Valleys and Golden Plains Federations: Suzanne Reymer

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Tracy Cook Tracy Cook - Lead Consulting and Learning Librarian -  406-431-0685

She provides consulting assistance on a variety of topics and oversees the consulting, continuing education, and lifelong learning programs within the State Library.  Tracy’s areas of expertise include library law, board development, personnel, local government relations, and advocacy.  Tracy enjoys hiking, canoeing, citizen scientist work, and golf.  She also volunteers for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and the National Park Service whenever she can.
Pam Henley Pam Henley  - Statewide Consulting Librarian -  406-461-9049

Provides consulting and advisory services to public librarians and trustees from her office in Bozeman. Provides support for Public LIbraries Survey data collection.
Suzanne Reymer Suzanne Reymer - Statewide Consulting Librarian -  406-698-0503

Provides consulting and advisory services to public librarians and trustees.  Provides support for e-rate, bandwidth, public computing centers and digital literacy. Suzanne is based in Billings.
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