Library Standards due at end of month – enter information via ASPeN, state aid checks will be issued in October.
E-rate form 470 window opens – Form 470 opens a competitive process for the services desired – completed 470 form must be available online for 28 days prior to filing Form 471.


Commission meeting- 2nd Wednesday
Network Advisory Council Meeting
Statistics open – enter information via statistics reporting tool


Federation annual reports due at end of month – enter information via ASPeN
Fall Federation meetings start


Commission meeting – 2nd Wednesday
Montana Shared Catalog Fall membership meeting 
Fall Federation meetings - continue


Network Advisory Council  Meeting
Statistics due at end of month – enter information via Library Directory


Commission meeting – 2nd Wednesday


E-rate form 471 seeks funding for eligible telecom services competitively bid – – filing window for 471 is announced by SLD each year in the fall.   Libraries must have bids/contracts with service providers in writing before filing Form 471.
ELSA (Excellent Library Service Award) applications open in ASPeN


Commission meeting, 2nd Wednesday


ELSA (Excellent Library Service Award) applications are due in ASPeN
Network Advisory Council  Meeting
Spring Federation meetings - start.


Commission meeting at MLA conference
Montana Library2Go Membership meeting
Spring Federation Meetings - continue
E-rate form 486 states that delivery of telecom services has begun, form 472 (optional) files for reimbursement.  Forms 486 and 472 may be filed anytime after receipt of funding commitment decision letter.
Updated Public Library Annual  Statistics are available on MSL website


Network Advisory Council  Meeting
Montana Shared Catalog spring membership meeting 
Spring Federation meetings - continue
Federation dollar amounts determined by MSL.  Federation  Plans of Service due (before Commission meeting) – enter information via ASPeN
OCLC annual enrollment opens – libraries will be invoiced by OCLC in August or later.
Library  Standards open – enter information via ASPeN, state aid checks will be issued in October.


Commission meeting – 2nd Wednesday