Library Law - Laws and Rules


Article VIII – Revenue And Finance
    Section 5. Property tax exemptions.

Article X – Education And Public Lands
     Section 1. Educational goals and duties.

Article XIII – General Provisions
    Section 4. Code of ethics.


Relevant Statute  
Publication and Updating of the Code—1-11-301, MCA  Outlines procedures for publication and distribution of the MCA 
Code of Ethics  -- 2-2-101, MCA  Rules of conduct and ethical requirements 
Public Participation -- 2-3-101, MCA  Notice and Opportunity to be heard 
Open Meetings-- 2-3-101, MCA  Procedures for conducting open meetings 
Public Records - 2-6-1001, MCA  Management of Public Records 
Interlocal Agreements - 7-11-1, MCA Authorizes interlocal agreements
Tax Administration - 15-1, MCA General provisions on taxation
Tax-Exempt Property, 15-6-2, MCA Governmental, Charitable and Educational Categories
Property Tax levies, 15-10, MCA Information on mill levies
Coal Severance Taxes, 15-35-1, MCA General provisions on coal severance taxes
Public Libraries, 22-1-3, MCA Authorizes creation of public libraries
Labor 39-2, MCA Employment guidelines
Offenses against public order, 45-8, MCA Definitions for disruptive and offensive behavior
Montana Telecommunications Act, 69-3-8, MCA Encourages competition in the telecommunications industry

Administrative Rules

Chapter 101

  Organizational Rule
     10.101.101 Agency Organization
 Procedural Rules
     10.101.201 Corporation Of Model Rules
     10.101.203 Guidelines For Public Participation
     10.101.206 Appeals Process For Denial Of A Grant

Chapter 102

     Substantive Rules
  Public Library Development
     10.102.1150 A – Public Library Standards
     10.102.1150 B – Public Library Standards: Policies and Bylaws
     10.102.1150 C – Public Library Standards: Planning and Evaluation
     10.102.1150 D – Public Library Standards: Finance
     10.102.1150 E – Human Resources Standards: Library Director
     10.102.1150 F – Human Resources Standards: General
     10.102.1150 G – Human Resources Standards: Access
     10.102.1150 H – Materials and Collections Standards: Collection
     10.102.1150 I Public Library Standards: Access to the Collection
     10.102.1150 J Public Library Standards: Collection Evaluation
     10.102.1150 K Public Library Facilities Standards
     10.102.1150 L Public Library Public Relations Standards
     10.102.1150 M Public Library Services Standards
     10.102.1151 Certification Statement
     10.102.1152 Deferrals
     10.102.1153 Final Arbiter
     10.102.1154 Appeals Process
     10.102.1155 Annual Statistical Report
     10.102.1156 Effective Date
     10.102.1157 Additional Recommended Library Standards
  Public Library Grants
     10.102.3604 Arbitration Of Disputes Within Federations
  Interlibrary Resource Sharing
     10.102.4001 Reimbursement To Libraries For Interlibrary Loans
     10.102.4003 Direct State Aid To Public Libraries For Per Capita And For Per Square Mile Served
 Federation Areas
     10.102.5101 Desciption Of Federation Areas And Headquarters
     10.102.5102 Allocation Of Funding Between Federations And Grant Programs
     10.102.5105 Joining Library Federations
     10.102.5106 Base Grants
  Depository Procedures for State Documents (Repealed)
     10.102.8101 Depository Procedures For State Documents
     10.102.8102 Policies And Guidelines For Depository Libraries