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Digital Copyright Millennium Act and Libraries - April 25, 2017

Suzanne Reymer and Matt Beckstrom lead a discussion about what happens when a patron uses the library's computers or WiFi to download material in voilation of federal copyright laws.  Libraries have responsiblities to copyright holders and to preverve patron privacy under law - and this is one circumstance where those two legal responsiblities can easily collide.  There are no easy right answers here, but libraries should be taking steps to prevent illegal activity while still maintaining access and privacy.   CE: technology  - view the recording here.

Crafting a Better Internet Use Policy

This webinar will discuss Internet Use Policies: what questions to ask when creating or updating this policy and what should be included especially if the library is receiving federal funds.  We'll also talk about enforcing Internet Use policies focusing on some of the challenges that brings to library staff.

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Internet Safety for Teens in your Library

Join FBI Special Agent, Kevin Damuth, for this informative webinar on keep our kids safe while on the Internet. His presentation will cover sexting, cyberbullying, and Internet safety.

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Cloud Computing: What is it?

"It's in the cloud," is a phrase we hear more and more, but what does that really mean? Join this session to learn what the cloud really is and what it means to library staff and library patrons. Not to worry, this session is designed to be easy to understand with simple, real world examples.

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Join Tracy Cook for an informative webinar on how to create a laptop management policy that meets the needs of your library. Whether you are revising your existing policy or writing a policy from scratch, this webinar will give you the tools you need.