Access to Collection


These standards cover patron access to the library's materials.

Essential Standards

I. Standard A
"Materials are purchased to ensure a steady flow of materials for the public."

Library users expect regular access to new materials through their library. Although the library’s cash flow may vary it is important to find a way to regularly add new items to the library’s collection.

II. Standard B
"The library catalogs and organizes its collection according to standard cataloging and classification systems and procedures. Automated records comply with the machine-readable catalog (MARC) format."

Cataloging and classification standards are constantly changing. It is important to follow and keep informed regarding standard cataloging procedures.  By doing so library staff will find it easier to transition to a new cataloging and circulation system and to new technologies in the field.

III. Standard C
"The library offers interlibrary loan and follows Montana state interlibrary loan protocols."

No library can offer everything its users might want.  Interlibrary loan is a way of expanding the library’s collection and meeting the needs of library users.

IV. Standard E
"The library provides access to resources and services to patrons with disabilities"

There are several books about providing library services to those with disabilities that might help.

Source: 10.102.1150I Public Library Standards: Access to the Collection