Library Director


These standards cover hiring and evaluating a director along with library director requirements.

Essential Standards

I. Standard A
"The board hires the director according to local, state and federal regulations and delegates the day-to-day management of the library to the director."

The library director influences every aspect of the library from how it runs to how customers feel after using the library. Clearly a library board wants to hire the right person for the job. The following links might help you with hiring a director.

Hiring The Director (pdf)
Position Descriptions

II. Standard B
"The board evaluates the performance of the director annually."

Most people want to know how they are doing at their job. Evaluating the director annually gives the library board and the director a chance to focus on how s/he is doing. What is the director doing well? What could be improved? What should the director focus on in the coming year? Answers to these questions can help the director improve his/her performance. The following links might help you with evaluating the director.

Evaluating The Director (pdf)
United for Libraries - Evaluating the Library Director

III. Standard C
"Each public library has a paid director who is responsible for the administration of library services."

The library needs a paid director to run the library in order to ensure that the library is open regular hours and providing an excellent level of service for its community.

IV. Standard D
"Libraries that serve more than 25,000 people employ a library director with a graduate degree in library or information science or its equivalent."

As libraries increase in size the complexity of issues that directors manage also increases. A director with an MLS has often been trained in library management and hopefully can bring a big picture vision to the library staff and board.

V. Standard E
"All public library directors will be certified by the state library."

Library directors are required to do a little bit of everything. Like most fields continuous training is important. Please refer to the Montana State Library Certification Program for more information.

Source: 10.102.1150E Human Resources Standards: Library Director