General Standards

Essential Standards

I. Standard A
" The library is established under Montana's laws according to 22-1-301 through 22-1-317, 22-1-701 through 22-1- 1711, or Title 7, MCA."

Public libraries in Montana must be legally established in order to receive state aid. To learn more about the different ways that libraries are created please visit Montana Library Law and Rules.

II. Standard B
"The board conforms to all applicable state, local, and federal laws, rules, and regulations."

III. Standard C
"Monthly, or at least every other month six meetings a year with no gap between meetings greater than 90 days, library board meetings are held in an accessible location at times and a place convenient to the public and according to state laws on public meetings."

IV. Standard D
"The library submits the Montana Public Library Annual Statistical Report to the Montana State Library."

Source: 10.102.1150A Public Library Standards: General