Human Resources


These standards cover personnel policies, job descriptions, and requirements for staff and the library.

Essential Standards

I. Standard A
"The library board provides continuing education for the director and staff members by allocating funds to support continuing education costs, including travel expense and salary."

Training is necessary as new technological tools and the sheer pace of change means new services and new ways of providing traditional services.  The board’s support of continuing education is critical if staff are to receive additional and on-going training in the library field.

II. Standard B
"Paid staff persons are present during 90 percent of all open hours."

Paid staff are necessary in order to make sure that all open hours are covered.  Volunteers are often loyal and dedicated, but they are volunteers.  Volunteers are a wonderful addition to the library, but they should be placed in positions where they either free library staff to offer new services or assist with offering new services themselves.  

III. Standard C
"The board must adopt and review a personnel policy every three years."

The library director is probably a city or county employee. As such s/he will be covered under that agency's personnel policy. The board may want to review this policy to make sure that it is fair and adequately meets the needs of the library and the library director. If the library director is paid directly by the library board, the library will need to develop a personnel policy if it has not already done so.

Montana Association of Counties - Model Personnel Policy

IV. Standard D
"The library maintains written, up-to-date job descriptions."

Job descriptions clearly define what is expected of an employee. Organizations tend to update a job description when they need to hire, but forget to review these descriptions. As a result the nature of the person's job has changed, but the description fails to reflect the changes. By updating the job description, you are making sure everyone is on the same page and clearly defining what everyone does in the library. This can help give you and the library board a better idea of what is required to run a library.

Working with Library Staff
Position Descriptions

V. Standard E
"All libraries must have internet access for staff."

Information, entertainment, and the way we interact with others is moving to the internet.  It’s critical that staff have access to the internet.  They need this access to provide adequate support to their patrons in a wide variety of services and to stay abreast of changes in the library field.

Source: 10.102.1150F Human Resources Standards: General