Planning and Evaluation


These standards cover long range planning, disaster planning, and evaluating the library's progress in meeting its goals.

Essential Standards 

I. Standard A
"The board uses the Montana Public Library Annual Statistical Report to review the library's year-to-year progress and performance."

Libraries are required to file an annual statistical report. These reports can give the library a snapshot of its performance. It is particularly useful to do a trend analysis or compare the library to other libraries in Montana. Has the library's circulation gone up over the last few years? Is staff offering more programs than before? How does the library compare to libraries that are a similar size? The Online Statistics Center can help answer these types of questions.”

II. Standard B
"The library governing authority adopts emergency response plans that ensure the safety of the public and staff as the primary priority."

You never know when disaster might strike. If a fire destroys part of the library, what will you do? Check with the city or county to see if it has a plan that includes the library. If the city or county does not have a disaster plan that includes the library then you will need to develop your own plan. Your Statewide Consulting Librarian can help you or you can take a look at The library can develop its own disaster plan, but it might be helpful to look at  in order to see what should be included in a disaster plan.

Source: 10.102.1150C Public Library Standards: Planning and Evaluation