Excellent Library Service Award (ELSA)

WHAT IS THE ELSA? The Montana State Library Commission annually recognizes libraries for achieving excellence in serving their communities with the Excellent Library Service Award (the ELSA). Each year academic, public, school, and special libraries have an opportunity to apply for the award using a series of excellent service criteria in a variety of categories developed by librarians from all types of libraries.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Each year library directors will complete the online application indicating criteria the library has achieved. If a library meets the required number of recommendations and answers a question about excellent service in each category, the library will be honored with an ELSA and receive a certificate from the Commission at the MLA awards ceremony. The State Library will provide recipient libraries with a press release for use in notifying local government officials and/or news outlets about the recognition.

HOW DO I APPLY? Watch for an announcement on Wired-MT that will provide instructions and deadlines for completing the ELSA application. 

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE? The deadline for applying annually is in March.

This is an opportunity for libraries and library staff to receive recognition that is so deserved — from fellow librarians and from the local community. Consider applying for this honor annually! If you have questions, contact Tracy Cook.