Administration - Ensuring Library Leadership Continuity

With Jim Nys, Personnel-Plus!, Helena, MT

Nearly half of all Montana's Librarians are within a few years of retirement age. It’s not only a vacancy in the director's chair that can challenge a library's ability to remain vital and important in its community, however. If a library loses its IT officer, its chief financial officer, or another key player on the staff, it can be nearly as drastic as a sudden vacancy in the director's office.

This 4-hour workshop, targeted to the volunteer boards of Montana public libraries, will help library leadership understand the process of identifying, planning and executing a plan to replace key staff in situations resulting from both planned and unexpected vacancies.

The seminar will address the process of identifying and developing potential successors within current staff and the issues and process of finding qualified and motivated individuals externally when internal staff may not have the skills or desire to assume a leadership position.

First session: Preparing
Do you know what your library’s key positions are, what they do?
The role of the board – Who does what? Are you ready?
Nurturing leadership from within

Second session: Hiring
The hiring process: step-by-step
Legal issues
When to hire an interim; temporary -to-permanent status
Nepotism and other ethical considerations

For more information, contact: Joann Flick, Continuing Education Coordinator

This workshop was presented during the spring and summer of 2014. In case you missed it, the presentation was also archived as a webinar.  Click here to view PREPARINGClick Here to view HIRING