2022 Summer Reading: Oceans of Possibilities!

Please check this page for updates on the 2022 Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). You can also find information on the CSLP website. Please email akim@mt.gov with any questions.

  • 2022 Program Theme: Oceanography

  • Slogan: "Oceans of Possibilities"

  • Artist: Sophie Blackall

2022 Summer Reading Trunk with MOR and FWP

Since 2012, MSL has partnered with the Museum of the Rockies to create a themed trunk full of activities that libraries can directly use with their patrons. This year's trunk focuses on Montana's aquatic life from the past and the present. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks also joined in to partner on this trunk - thanks to both organizations for all of their help and support! 

How to Borrow the Trunk

For 2022, MSL only created one copy of the Summer Reading Trunk, and will be organizing a tour of the trunk to libraries across the state that request to borrow it. Please use the form below to submit your borrowing request before May 13th. Priority will be given to libraries that partner with other organizations/libraries in their area, so that multiple entities have plans to use the trunk during the borrowing period. 

2022 CSLP News

  • 8/22/21: Check out the poster previews for the 2022 Summer Reading Theme from Sophie Blackall!CSLP Poster Preview
  • 8/25/21: Listening Sessions for Members
    • CSLP Updates and Listening Sessions for Slogans: Have you ever wondered how the summer reading themes and slogans are selected each year?  We plan several years in advance, to allow time to contract with quality illustrators. We are currently working on the 2024 slogan and the 2025 theme.  (Want a little CSLP Theme/Slogan history? – 30 Years of CSLP History [cslpreads.org]). You can campaign for your favorites or help us see possible issues or challenges to the verbiage and translations. We need your input and will use these sessions time to listen as you share your concerns or as you strive to build support for your favorite proposed 2024 slogans and 2025 themes. These 2024 slogan suggestions came from state reps and CSLP membership from across the nation and have been vetted by CSLP's attorney for possible IP/copyright conflicts.  There are nine strong candidates remaining after removing those with potential risk or conflict. Now is the time to identify the best possible slogans and themes.   Your input may influence the final vote by the state reps at the CSLP Annual Meeting on September 23. These sessions are open to all membership. If you have any insights and would like to help us avoid unfortunate translations in the future please add one of the listening sessions to your calendar. Please contact Amelea Kim at akim@mt.gov for the Zoom links to each session.
      • Session 1 on 9/8 at 1 pm MT
      • Session 2 on 9/10 at 9 am MT
      • Session 3 on 9/13 at 10 am MT
    • CSLP Listening Sessions for Membership Input – Manuals, Website, and More: The CSLP Membership Committee will be asking members (public library staff and state reps) for feedback on the manual, website, and online store, amongst possible other topics.  Help us continue to improve and customize the CSLP resources to better meet your needs. Please contact Amelea Kim at akim@mt.gov for the Zoom links to each session.
      • Session 1 on 9/14 at 12 pm MT
  • 9/21/21: The download code and instructions for accessing the 2022 Summer Reading Manual have been released! If your library has not yet received your code, please email Amelea Kim at akim@mt.gov for a copy of the directions and code. 
  • 9/23/21: CSLP Summer Symposium!
    • CSLP is excited to announce our first Summer Symposium
    • Who is this conference for? All library staff that are interested in summer programming.
    • Where is the conference? Virtually anywhere with an internet connection.
    • When is the conference? Thursday December 2, 2021 ~  11:30 am – 4:30 pm (EST)
    • When does registration open? November 1, 2021
    • How much is the registration fee for this virtual symposium? FREE!!!!
    • Where can I learn more? Check out the CSLP Summer Symposium website
    • Schedule:
      • Summer Matters: Making All Learning Count
      • Keynote - Liz McChesney: Elizabeth (Liz) McChesney is the 2021 recipient of the Association for Library Service to Children’s (ALSC) Distinguished Service Award. This prestigious award honors an individual who has made significant contributions to library service to children and to ALSC.  McChesney is the Outreach and Partnership Consultant for Laundry Literacy Coalition and the previous Director of Children’s Services and Family Engagement at Chicago Public Libraries. She serves as Senior Advisor to the Urban Libraries Council and as the Library Advisor to the National Summer Learning Association.Summer Symposium Social Media Image
      • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Flyer: Library Summer Program Marketing Crash Course: Cari Hillman, Community Engagement Director of the MidPointe Library System shares marketing tips and tricks to help make your summer a success. Scalable to libraries of all sizes, this session will outline the power of a comprehensive marketing plan and ways to use CSLP resources for your marketing.
      • What’s Great About Your Community: Extending your connections to youth and families: Join us in an informal conversation about how you can connect with the assets in your community - people, organizations, and places - to build summer services that benefit youth and families. We’ll share examples and provide an opportunity for you to explore your own community’s assets and to get feedback from others.
      • Catch the Programming Wave (with Oceans of Possibilities)! Dive into new programming and display ideas with CSLP!  We will provide oversight to the new 2022 Oceans of Possibilities manual, highlight ideas for all age groups, and delve into display concepts.

2022 Summer Reading Planning Resources

  • Informational Websites about Oceanography and Water
    • National Oceanographic Data Center:  National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Government site archives and provides public access to a wealth of global oceanographic and coastal data, products, and information.

    • NOAA Count Down to World Ocean Day on June 2nd - Educational Graphics

    • Ocean Literacy - National Marine Educators Association 

    • NOAA Education: The NOAA Education Portal is your one-stop shop to connect with learning and teaching resources about the ocean and atmosphere. Discover curricula, lesson plans, and real-time data to bring NOAA science into your classroom. Explore opportunities for educators and students of all levels. Apply for competitive funding for education projects.

    • Earth Observing System (EOS): NASA. EOS is the Earth Observing System, in which satellites are used to monitor changes in climate on Earth from Space. The Educational part of this site provides free posters (one per teacher) about Ocean Processes, and how they relate to climate change, as well as a slide set (digital on-line) this topic. Great for on-line lectures. There are numerous other climate-related posters and slide sets, as well as links to educational products related to climate change.

    • Introduction to Physical Oceanography: M. Tomczak, Flinders University. Online lecture notes for college introductory physical oceanography course. Includes topography, sea water, salinity, heat and mass budgets, depth, thermodynamics, thermohaline processes, climate, waves, tides, estuaries, instrumentation, and exercises.

    • Oceanography, Earth & Marine Sciences, UC San Diego Library: The UC San Diego Library is recognized as having a world-class oceanography collection. Use the online guides, links, and resources below to discover the print and digital collections and resources in oceanography, earth and marine sciences, intended for the support of research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the world's premier oceanographic institution, researchers at the University of California and at other oceanographic institutions and centers around the world.

  • Informational Websites about Montana Water/Marine Life

    • Flathead Lake Bio Center: The FLBS Mission is to serve the Flathead Lake region, the state of Montana, the nation, and the world by advancing a cutting-edge research, monitoring, education & outreach platform for limnology, ecology, and environmental science at Flathead Lake. They have educational resources for K-12 on their website.

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