Mind in the Making: 7 Essential Life Skills

December 2019 Update:

Support for Mind in the Making has been discontinued at the Montana State Library. Librarians who attended the training may still be using and implementing the knowledge learned in 2018 and are encouraged to keep doing so. However, statewide rollout of the program has been stopped. If you have any questions regarding MITM or the decision to discontinue the program, please contact Amelea Kim at akim@mt.gov.

About Mind in the Making

Mind in the Making is a specialized training initiative sponsored by the Bezos Family foundation and sponsored locally by the Edwards Foundation. MITM was presented to selected Montana libraries and their community partners during April 27 - 29, 2018 at the Bozeman Public Library. 

Vroom Resources

  • Vroom - Vroom is a great online app/tool that gives you free brain-building moments to help your child learn and grow. Sign up is free, and the information can be delivered many different ways (via your phone, through a website, etc). 

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