Montana State Library Trunk Program

The Montana State Library has a small number of trunks available for public libraries and educational organizations to borrow. Please read the following below for more information on how to borrow a trunk, and what activities are included in each trunk. If you have any questions, please contact Amelea Kim at

How to Borrow an MSL Trunk

  1. Fill out the MSL Trunk Request Form with your desired dates. You can check the MSL Trunk Program Calendar to look at availability. Please keep in mind that not all requests may be able to be fulfilled, and priority is given in the following order: Public libraries, schools, educational organizations, general public. Within these groups, priority will be given to requests where multiple people/entities are going to be using the trunk (ex: a public library requests it, but also confirms that the local middle school teacher will use it, as well as one of the daycares). 
  2. Please limit your requested date length to a month. Please also keep in mind that at least a week is scheduled between locations, to make sure there is enough time for shipping. 
  3. Once you have submitted the form, please wait for Amelea to reach out about your request.
  4. It is HIGHLY recommended that you submit your request as early as possible. Last-minute requests may not be fulfilled, even if a trunk is available, due to time constraints.

Trunk Usage and Expectations

  1. Please fill out the MSL Trunk Inventory Form when you receive the trunk and make note of anything that is missing, needs replenishing, or is in bad condition. 
  2. If other organizations/people in your community are using the trunk, please keep track of their contact info so MSL can follow up about usage/feedback.
  3. Please use the Project Outcome Survey with any program attendees to see if patrons have feedback or suggestions. You can print out hard copies of the survey below (PDF), and then scan/email the completed surveys to Amelea Kim at
  4. When your borrowing period is finished, MSL will reach out to coordinate a FedEx pickup of  the trunk at your library. The trunk MUST be ready for pickup at 8 am on this date. MSL will send a shipping label for you to print and tape to the trunk. All shipping costs are covered by MSL. 

Available Trunks and Contents

Please use the following pages to learn more about the trunks available, and what activities are in each trunk.