Public or tribal libraries may enroll in MontanaLibrary2Go at any time through the State Library. Please contact Cara Orban to request pricing and enrollment information.


New content is purchased through funding contributed by participating libraries based on a local cost share formula that counts total active patron records in each participating library’s local catalog. The cost share formula is recommended by the Selection and Executive Committees and approved annually by the membership.
New libraries will be invoiced for a pro-rated amount from that fiscal year's cost share formula based on the month in which the library joins the consortium. Please see “Available Funding” below for more information.

Project Funding

MontanaLibrary2Go is funded in part with federal Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) funds and in part with annual fees collected from participating libraries. Funding covers the cost of the vendor’s annual hosting fee for the website and access to the collection’s content, and for monthly purchasing of additional shared content.