Getting Involved

Enrollment and Application Information

Annual enrollment takes place in the spring, but late enrollees may be added on a rolling basis. 

Please contact Cara Orban for a cost estimate if your library is new to OCLC Group Services.


How is my library’s enrollment fee calculated?

  • The formula is based on the number of holding records the library has in OCLC, as reported by OCLC, and:
  • For academics: total student FTE
  • For publics: number of patron records in the library’s ILS
  • For schools: total student enrollment
  • For specials: number of patron records in the library’s ILS

This is a relational formula in which each library type has to collect, as a group, a portion of the total amount due, based on that library type’s collective percentage of the total holdings in OCLC for all libraries.

Pre-pay option

If you would like to Pre-Pay your OCLC bill, you may send payment, along with a note referencing your OCLC symbol and "FY20 Montana Group Services," to this address:

PO Box 5405
Denver, CO 80217-5405

Other FAQs about enrollment

Who: Any library that needs to enroll as a new member in Group Services for FY2020. Current subscribers will be automatically enrolled this year (FY2020). Montana Shared Catalog libraries are required to maintain enrollment in Group Services.


Where: Library directors and primary contacts can enroll in ASPeN

What if I don’t have a user name and password for ASPeN, or if I forgot my login credentials? Please open a help desk ticket and ask for help with your ASPeN account.

How much will OCLC cost this year? Please feel free to open a help desk ticket to request a cost estimate.

When will I see the invoice from OCLC? OCLC will send you an invoice in late July or early August, and you can send payment to them directly. The State Library does not collect payment for OCLC. Pre-pay details are listed above.


OCLC enrollment fees for FY2020 are offset by contributions from MSL.