Data and Map Applications

Data List
Discover and access digital spatial data. Organizations may also publish their data by becoming a Data List Publisher.

Digital Atlas
The Digital Atlas is designed for finding geographic locations in Montana and exploring geographic databases, aerial photos, and topographic maps of those locations. It replaces the functionality of the State Library’s old Digital Atlas and Topofinder applications.

Data Bundler
Download GIS datasets from the Montana State Library’s geographic database clipped to a region that you specify.

Cadastral Mapping
Identify the owners of Montana's land parcels and explore the state's property assessment database.

Natural Heritage Map Viewer
View Montana's Land Management, Land Cover, Wetlands data, Species Observations, and photos of survey sites in an interactive map environment.

Montana Lidar Inventory
View, download, and request lidar data and collaborate on future lidar acquisitions. Explore the various ways that lidar is used in Montana.

Ecological Site Reviewer
The Ecological Site Reviewer (ESR) is an ArcGIS online web map application that displays biophysical data such as soils, elevation, slopes, aspect, frost-free days, landscape level ecological units, ecological sites, classified vegetation, and background locational data. The ESR can be used for preliminary site evaluation, navigating to locations of interest, assessing key environmental attributes and generating maps.

Flathead Basin 2009 Mapping Project
Explore detailed aerial photographs and elevation data of the Flathead Basin in an interactive map environment.

Yellowstone River Map Viewer
View data collected by the Yellowstone River Conservation Districts Council that show structures built to control and use the river and the evolution of the river channel over time.

2022 Montana Floods GIS Data Hub
Provides Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) and other GIS data for the 2022 Flood Disaster Declaration Counties.

Relative Elevation Models
Explore Montana rivers and streams using LiDAR-derived relative elevation models. Relative Elevation Models, also called Height Above River (HAR) rasters, are rasters that are normalized to the elevation of a channel by creating a detrended DEM and subtracting it from the bare-earth DEM. They can be useful to visualize fluvial landforms that may be hard to discern from an aerial image or DEM alone.

Watershed Subbasin Maps
View and download maps showing precipitation, ownership, slope, land cover, and hydrography for each of Montana's subbasins (8-digit HUCs).

MCPD – Multi-state Control Point Database
Search for and download survey and/or mapping control points in Montana and Idaho that were contributed by professional land surveyors committed to improving the positional accuracy of geospatial data.